Say hello to my favortie stalker!

Dear Mr. McDivitt, I just remembered that I promised to let you on the blog after we went trick or treating this fall! You even told me which picture you wanted, so here I am, being yor favorite European ever, and doing as I'm told! (About three months late, but who cares, haha!)

He's pretty awesome, right? :D


He's one of the kindest, most caring people I know, and he's helped me through more than one rough day (Week, month, whatever..?). He has the nicest family I've ever met and I'm so happy I've gotten to know them as well as I now do, I have a feeling we'll see more of eachother as the years go by. Thank you so much for making me laugh every day, even when I feel like I'll never be happy again. You really are as great as you think (Hahahaha) or even just a little bit more. 

Hahaha, I hope you liked the attention, and you never know, you might be famous in Norway after this! 

Have a GREAT day, Mr. McDivitt! Your study hall helpers loves you!

- Elly (Sarah and Melissa says hi!)



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Elly i USA

Elly i USA

17, Kragerø

Heisann! Jeg er utvekslingsstudent i USA skoleåret 2012/2013 med STS High school. Jeg bor i Wabash, Indiana og dette er måten jeg vil fortelle om året mitt på! Jeg er lidenskapelig opptatt av fotografering og utfordringer som setter kreativiteten min på spissen. Detaljfrik. Perfeksjonist. Temperamentsfull. Det største kaoset du noengang vil møte. Om ikke annet er oppgitt: © Elly Kittilsen på alle bilder/videoer/tekster Kontakt:

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